project grudge

Returning in 2013

Since 1998 project grudge has been appearing where you least expect it. Originally a solo project created by Mattias Johansson, the band has taken many shapes over the years. Ranging from full blown rock bands to solo performances.


The straight forward, agressive industrial rock with twisted electronics sets a special mood. Influenced by the old time blues and heavily inspired by bands like Killing Joke and Nine inch nails,


project grudge lands in a musical landscape of it's own. As a 5-piece band project grudge toured both the US and Sweden heavily in the early 2000's.


Now reappearing for the first time in several years, with a new grip on old subjects. The recently constructed band throws everything up in the air, with a show that's organic and intentionally never the same as the last one.


This is not theater or a makebelieve world that only exists on stage. It is real. It's project grudge 2013.





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